Almost 10 years ago, Canada’s leading communications and public affairs firms – Enterprise and Navigator – formed a strategic partnership in Ottawa to create ENSIGHT.

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Today, the expertise of our team – regardless of political stripe – is simply unmatched. We know it’s not enough to just get your message out if you want to be heard on the Hill. We’ll help you see all the angles and align all the layers to shape your success.

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Barbara Fox

Jason Lietaer

Jaime Watt

Will Stewart

Peter Landry

Mike Van Soelen

Lindsey Scully

Greg MacNeil

Andrew Balfour

Don Newman

Adam Taylor

Lindsay Maskell

Matt Triemstra

Jesse Robichaud

Caitlin King

Colin MacDonald

Patricia Favre

Jordan Ray

Sally Housser

Kalvin Reid

Peter Downs

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Political Perspectives: Five things to watch as Parliament resumes

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Today (Jan. 22) marks 80 days in power for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. As the 42nd session of Parliament returns on Monday, and we approach the “First 100 Days” milestone,…


Social Media Watch: January 1-13

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Because its 2016 (!) Justin Trudeau has continued to dominate conversations in #cdnpoli. In fact, 50 per cent of total Twitter conversations mentioned Justin Trudeau or the Canadian Prime Minister….

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