About ENsight

ENsight Canada sets itself apart. Our team has very deep and broad experience: over forty years in governments of all stripes both federally and provincially, and in several countries. We come from a diverse array of backgrounds, including public service/government, the political arena, corporate, communications, law and journalism. In fact, it is not uncommon for our partners to come from a cross-section of many of these experiences.

We are strategic thinkers who intimately understand Ottawa’s complex policy landscape, and the decision-makers within it. And we understand the necessary alignment between public policy, public opinion and communicating what you do. We also understand the highly visible and stringently accountable new world of dealing with Ottawa. We structured our firm at the time of the new Federal Accountability Act (FAA) to operate within it.

We are committed to helping both our clients and their partners succeed. We will help you reshape your project as necessary – we may even say bluntly, “Sorry, we don’t think this is possible.”

Each of us knows, from painful experience, that winning in the ‘court of public opinion’ is a higher and tougher and equally important threshold than any other test. We understand that it is essential that you win in that arena, too.