Our public affairs expertise is enhanced by our integrated communications services. Whatever public affairs challenge you face, we will help see you through.

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We work hard to understand the motivations of government and then create robust and sophisticated solutions that allow you to shape your success. We can seamlessly support objectives with our in-house services: strategic communications, research, digital public affairs and campaign management.


Government Advocacy

Ensight connects you with the people who matter in Ottawa. Our professionals have experience from across the political spectrum and can provide you with insights into the motivations and actions of government. Our knowledge and understanding can bring your relationships to the next level.

Public Affairs Research

Understanding how you and your issues are perceived is the first step to communicating effectively. Ensight has a highly experienced team of research professionals to design and execute qualitative and quantitative research programs that respond to your unique needs. We work with you to ensure that your approach is supported by facts, not feelings.

Stakeholder Relations

The ability to grow and demonstrate third-party support is critical to the success of any public affairs campaign. Ensight has extensive experience developing and implementing stakeholder plans. We will help you identify and engage the right people, at the right time, to support your objectives and drive success.

Strategic Communications

Your success depends on shaping the conversation to build support for your priorities. Our team includes former journalists and senior communications advisors who will help you tell your story in the most effective fashion. We build integrated communications campaigns that cut through the noise and make your message stand out.

Media Relations

In today’s 24-hour media cycle, governments are more media-focused than ever before. We will work with you to hone your message and connect you with the right people. Getting your voice heard is what we do best.

Event Management

The smallest details can make the difference between an event that is simply successful and one that people keep talking about long after it’s done. We have a proven track record at building events both large and small that make an impression. Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure that your event rises beyond expectations and runs smoothly from start to finish.

Digital Campaigns

In a mobile-first, always-on world, digital needs to be at the heart of your communications strategy. Ensight has a highly experienced team of digital pioneers and innovators who will design campaigns that convert passive bystanders into active supporters. Our digital practice is steeped in data analytics; we never stop optimizing—leaving no activist behind.

Activation Campaigns

When you need to mobilize people offline, we can help you identify engaged members of the public and arm them with the tools and messages they need to support your campaign. We will work with you and your activists to get your message heard, loud and clear.

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