Our Services

Government Advocacy

ENsight Canada offers a full suite of government relations products and services with professionals of all political stripes and experiences ready to provide advice, insight, strategy, and direct advocacy activities.

Our success is far deeper than our established relationships with key political and government officials. It lies in our intimate understanding of the current political climate, including government and opposition party motivations and agendas, and the atmosphere in which decisions are made.

We create unique strategies for our clients based on the development of strong and enduring relationships with government and opposition parties: reliability and ongoing engagement as opposed to ‘one-off’ campaigns.

Public Affairs Research

ENsight Canada uses a host of qualitative and quantitative research approaches, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, panel and longitudinal studies, telephone polling and online polling as a necessary public policy development tool.

Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholders play a key role in any public affairs undertaking. ENsight Canada has experience in preparing and implementing plans in which stakeholders are a key voice, and we have proven experiences in successfully leveraging third-party support for shared public policy objectives. Whether in terms of grassroots support or elite stakeholders, we are well equipped to help you get your message out.

Strategic Communications

Getting your message across to your audience is essential, no matter your objective. We can help you create and execute a strategic communications plan that will support your goals and resonate with your target audiences.

Media Relations

ENsight’s team is comprised of professionals who have invested years in building relationships with the media and in learning and understanding how they work and what messages resonate. Better yet, we understand which don’t resonate and why. Beyond the strategy, we are able to craft messaging and ensure outreach so that your story gets heard.

Event Management

At ENsight Canada, we take the smallest details into account when planning an event. With extensive experience in organizing and executing small and large events – including Parliament Hill Days or variations thereof – our team offers meticulous organization and seamless execution in addition to public policy support and media outreach. All these are often done concurrently and by the same team of experts to ensure cohesion and uptake of message.