Social Media Watch – October 19 to November 19

Lindsay Finneran Gingras


It has been roughly one month since Justin Trudeau’s win.  Since then, his profile, both in social and in the media, has only grown.

The media reported this week that Justin Trudeau is the first Canadian politician to surpass 1 million followers.  Prime Minister Harper, who used the platform less frequently, rested at just below 1 million before October 19. 

So where is this digital traction coming from? When we look at the geographical breakdowns, we see familiar places: Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, but also London, UK, NYC, Mexico City and, of course, Manila.  Trudeau’s win and what many have described as his star quality have propelled him to international conversations.


When were these conversations loudest? October 20th is when the Liberals and Justin Trudeau saw the most traction, with over 82,829 engagements on owned channels, almost doubling the election day high of 48,989.  The other two peaks in conversations are also expected: the cabinet swearing-in and last Friday, the day of the Paris attacks.  

When we look at the broader conversations of posts that mention “Justin Trudeau” or “Trudeau” (in total 716,414 total posts from 119,832 total authors) we see many key themes from the swearing-in and election victory: women (as in his 50% women cabinet), cabinet, international, first (the first 50% cabinet and other firsts), middle (as in middle class), as well as speculation of things to come: dispensaries, climate, missing women, first nations, science.  Smaller, given the recent debates, are conversations around refugees, bombings, ISIS, Syria.

In short, the social conversation has largely reflected the media conversation: optimism for a new Prime Minister, international attention on the new Trudeau and growing concern about international issues.


Lindsay Finneran Gingras, Enterprise Canada


Jeff Ballingall, Navigator Ltd.